• Drop Tower

    Drop Tower

    Theme Park Equipment Fiberglass Amusement Rides Free Fall Tower For Sale Drop tower game is one worldwide popular big thrill rides. Drop tower is also named jumping circle rides and free fall tower, which is a type of park amusement rides, which is based on a central of tower and very popular among teenagers. The jumping circle rides appeared because the market demand and the entertainment and stimulation demands of the present crowd, it is a new type of stimulating large-scale equipment. Th...



    Professional Supplier Outdoor Big Swing Amusement Rides Ferris Wheel The Ferris wheel, sometimes is also called a big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel, which is one of the most popular amusement rides in many large amusement parks. It is an indispensable amusement equipment in the amusement park, and it also represents the scale and advanced level of the amusement park. Of course the Ferris wheel can also become an independent and distinctive attraction. Giant Ferries Wheel is not on...

  • 36 Seats Flying Chair

    36 Seats Flying Chair

    Hot Theme Park Exciting Rides Luxurious Big Swing Flying Chair For Sale The amusement flying chair ride is a novel flying tower series of amusement equipment. It is divided into general flying chair and shaking flying chair, which is integrates various movement forms such as rotation, lifting, shaking head, etc. The general flying chair to lift the seat and start rotating, shaking flying chair is added a shaking model, more exciting, loved by tourists. The flying chair is controlled by hydr...

  • Flying UFO

    Flying UFO

    Factory Manufacturer Large Phoenix Dance Flying UFO Ride For Sale Phoenix Dance, also named Flying Disco/Flying UFO in the world, is one of the best-selling proprietary products in Hangtian Amusement equipment company. As the turntable of the ride rotates and swings along the track, it will be shining and flashing with music, just like a phoenix dances beautifully and gently. Technical Parameter of Flying UFO Rides Capacity 20 people Speed 13 r/min Track length  27m Power 42.5 KW Spac...

  • Flying Tower

    Flying Tower

    Carnival Flying Tower Amusement Park Thrill Rides High Fly For Sale High flying is one of major rides of our amusement park with Ferris Wheel, roller coaster and drop tower. It is very thrill and crazy for passengers. Flying tower is a large amusement rides. It combines rotation flying chair with jumping tower, which is a large high-altitude stimulation of amusement equipment. Flying tower is safe and reliable. The seat is hung on the turntable by a ring chain, which will rotate and up-and-d...

  • Double Carousel

    Double Carousel

    Outdoor Playground Large Amusement Ride Double Deck Carousel For Sale  As an enhancing carousel game ride for all family, the double deck carousel one can carry double riders, which can save more space for your park to install other interesting amusement park rides so as to bring your park more fun and profit. Kids and adults of all ages will love riding on the galloping horses or in one of the ornate gondolas.    This product is suitable for park playground, children’s palace, life square...

  • Self Control Plane Flying Dinosaur

    Self Control Plane Flying Dinosaur

    Theme Park /Fun Fair Equipment Self-Control Dinosaur Rides For Sale Self-control dinosaur is similar with self-control plane, which is a new design kind of interesting and fashionable amusement facility throughout the world. This amusement ride is a recreational equipment rotating around the center of vertical axis. Passengers hold the operating level, fly up and down optionally in playing, chase each other. The real and vivid air combat sound and light effects make passengers fully experien...

  • Pirate Ship

    Pirate Ship

    Amusement Park Equipment Pirate Boat Children Games Pirate Ship Rides for Sale Pirate Ship also called pirate boat, Viking boat, corsair etc. It is a kind of amusement ride which swings back and forth by the combined effect of an external force on the hull. A pirate ship is consisting of an open, seated gondola (usually in the style of a pirate ship) which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum. It moves along with one horizontal axis. After passenge...

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Zhengzhou Hangtian Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specializing in researching, manufacturing and marketing of amusement rides. It was founded in 1998, located in No. 161 Gongye Rd, Shangjie district, Zhengzhou, Henan, China. The factory covers the area of 123300m2, mainly produces large and middle scale amusement rides, also makes designing for amusement park indoor and outdoor, including  investing, construction, and operation of the amusement items.

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  • Big flying chair produced by Aisino Amusement Equipment Co

    The big flying chair is a novel amusement equipment produced by Space Amusement Equipment Co. It is like a chair, but it can rotate and move so that visitors can experience the fun of rotating in the air. This kind of chair is developed by Aerospace Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. and its design co...


    2022 ASIA Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA) GuangZhou. The China Import and Export Fair. B Area. 11.1 Venue G219 Booth Waiting for your coming Scan the code for free invitation

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    The Pendulum Ride, also known as the Giant Frisbee, is a popular?amusement park attraction?that provides an exhilarating and thrilling experience for its riders. This heart-pumping ride combines both the?swinging motion?of a pendulum and the?spinning motion?of a Frisbee...

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    In the business of amusement equipment publicity is essential, “wine is not afraid of alley deep” theory is not all universal, especially for the new amusement park, there is no certain marketing means is actually difficult to open the market. So what are the practical and feasible ma...

  • Hangtian Amusement Rides in Russian Playground Park

    Many Hangtian amusement rides were exported to Russia amusement park, welcomed by adults and children, which are attracted many tourists and brought economic benefits to this park. Why Hangtian amusement rides are so popu...